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A SPECTACULAR Sponsorship Offer - Help Me Raise Some Capital & Receive A Deal Of A Lifetime Package

A SPECTACULAR Sponsorship Offer - Help Me Raise Some Capital & Receive A Deal Of A Lifetime Package

$ 799.00


 In return for your sponsorship or your assistance in raising some capital for several projects, I am offering you the following amazing items - Plant Medicines, Consultation, On Line Classes, Field Trip and a super discount code for 75% Off. Approximate value is way over two thousand dollars ... a lot more if you use the discount code a lot!

You will receive the following:

#1   ON LINE CLASS - LIFE PASS - One Price - ALL Online Classes For You And No Further Cost!  Read More with link below -   Value $300 to $500.00 

#2  (3 DAYS) Private Medicine Plant Walk/Adventure for 2 People! 3 days of Exploring The World Of Plant Medicines. Can also be used as a private consultation time as well! Read More With Link Below -  Value $450.00

#3  DISCOUNT CODE WORTH 75% OFF -  When you purchase this offer you will be sent a Private Discount Code worth 75% Off all items and products in this shop. Only restriction is that you can not use on items marked - Please Do Not Use Discount Code - The Value of this 75% Off code can literally be worth thousands of dollars. You have one year of use with this code, from the time you purchase this listing. Good for 1 year. You can use as many times as you would like - A Super Great way to stock up and save a lot of dollars!!   Value  at least ~ $1,000.00

#4  CONSULTATION - Private Plant Medicine & Health Guidance Consultation - One time Fee and Unlimited Access. Please No Discount Codes On This Listing. Value $300.00    See link below for more details -

 #5   You will receive 5 different - fresh plant extracts - 16 ounce size - scheduled to be delivered in 2023/2024. You will receive the ones below. Value $225.00 to $300.00

ANEMOPSIS  CALIFORNICA  -  Yerba Mansa,  Bavisa  -  1:2  -  Fresh Root   

ARALIA RACEMOSA - Spikenard Root - 1:2 - Fresh Root

CEANOTHUS spp.  - Red Root - 1:2 - Fresh Root

FOUQUIERIA SPLENDENS - Ocotillo Bark - 1:2  - Fresh Bark 

LIGUSTICUM PORTERI  - Osha, Chuchupate, Bear Medicine - 1:2 - Fresh Root


Thank You and Best Wishes