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FRESH ALLIGATOR JUNIPER (Incense Juniper) - Juniperus deppeana - 1 pound Fresh Branch Ends

$ 27.50

FRESH ALLIGATOR JUNIPER - Juniperus deppeana - 1 pound Fresh Branch Ends, these ship pretty much throughout the year, but I usually send when fresh, fragrant and bright, usually after a week or two of rains!

 There are many uses for this amazing medicine plant; dried leaf can be put into salves for its antibacterial wound healing properties, smudge sticks can be tied from fresh leafy branch tips, creating an amazing blessing/purification smudge stick. You can make about 10 to 12, 4 inch smudges per 1 pound of fresh plant medicine. It is one of the finest desert incenses!

You can also sprinkle dry leaf on charcoal discs as an incense.

* You have to tie your own smudges!