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FRESH MULLEIN ROOT - Verbascum thapsus - 1st Year Roots - 1 Pound

$ 75.00

You will receive 1 pound of Fresh Mullein Roots - 1st year roots (which is what you want!). 

Fresh Mullein Roots are best made into a fresh root extract! Making a 1:2 extract using 60% alc. and 40% water for your solvent. 

This plant medicine is still not widely used by herbalists and it should be used by all!

It is fantastic for strengthening the Kidneys, Reproductive tissues, Entire Urinary Tract  tissues and has incredible Lymphatic moving properties, especially for the lower extremities. I consider this plant medicine vital for working with almost all Male and Female reproductive issues. Strengthens the bladder muscles. Used in Lymphatic formulas for poor fat absorption in the small intestines, for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, poor circulation in the legs, etc ... a very important herb for strengthening and long term tonic formulas ...

Used to rehabilitate pretty much all tissues in the body, including Kidney, Lung, Mucus Membranes and harder tissues like joints (connective tissue), etc ..  especially after long tern inflammatory conditions or long term chronic illness ...