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FRESH ARGEMONE ( Argemone platyceras) 1 pound Fresh Flower, Stem, Leaf (NOTE - Next Delivery MAY/2023

$ 45.00

* PLEASE READ *   Wildcrafted Plant Medicines should be ordered long before you need them! Field collecting, especially in the wilds can have all kinds of delays. There is usually distance involved in collecting these plant medicines, there can be wild fires and road closures, other weather problems, and seasons can vary on when and where I can gather. Order ahead of time and have patience. Please have patience and know that if your order is in ... I will eventually get it filled!!

* I have changed the name from Prickly Poppy to the latin genus name of ARGEMONE. This prevents orders from getting hung up by internet inspectors, because "Poppy" was used in the title. This plant that I am selling is legal and is not restricted. However, the word "Poppy" is evidently an internet red flag word ... 

FRESH PRICKLY POPPY - Argemone spp. ( Argemone platyceras) 1 pound Fresh Flower, Stem, Leaf - Ships throughout the summer months!

*Caution you need to wear gloves when processing this lightly spiny beauty! 

  * You will be notified before I ship, to make sure you are going to be home to receive. All fresh plants are shipped Priority Mail, with a cold pack or frozen ice bottle, this helps assure a fresher plant medicine upon arrival. Please make sure you include a valid contact email with your order.