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HERBAL MEDICINE BI-MONTHLY CSA or CSHM - Every Other Month You Will Receive An Amazing Collection Of Herbal Products And In Total Will Be Worth Over Twice What This CSA Costs!! PLUS - There Is A Bonus!!

$ 249.00

*Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and consumers, where consumers purchase a share of a farm's products in advance, typically paying in full in the wintertime when farms need capital to prepare for the spring.  In this case it is a CSHM - Community Supported Herbal Medicine!

Every other month (6 times a year) or 6 shipments, you will receive a package filled with an array of plant medicine products. Single Extracts, Formulas, Herbal Oils, Dry Plants, Teas, Salves, Botanical Incense, Herbal Honey and many other herbal products that I have never listed in my shop. Each box will be filled with items that are very medicinal, useful and unique.

This box that you will receive, will have an incredible value .. actually the value will breakdown to be worth twice what you have initially paid for .. which is ~ $41.50 per box. Meaning what you will receive will have a value closer to $100.00 worth of Amazing Botanical Items, per box!

This particular Herbal Medicine Bi-Monthly CSA or CSHM is a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who have supported my Plant Medicine work over all these years !!

BONUS - The bonus with this offer is that you are entitled to choose 1 pound of ANY of the Wildcrafted Fresh Plants that I offer here in my shop. Check the Fresh Wildcrafted Plant Medicine Section to see what I have available... 

Choose 1 pound of Any of the offer Wildcrafted fresh plants and write that choice in the note section at time of checkout or send me an email with your choice to: 

* One can purchase more than one of these spots .. if they so desire. In reality, that is a  very wise investment!

You will be EXTREMELY pleased with this Herbal Medicine CSA/CSHM ... 

Thanks and Best Wishes 

Michael Cottingham