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LAST Fresh Osha Root Offering - 1 Pound of Fresh Roots - Delivered after October 1st/2023 - New & Last Window of Purchase Since The Spring Harvest was Delayed!

$ 95.00

My Spring Harvest was delayed due to fires and our severe drought we are experiencing.  So instead of being finished with my harvest .. it is now scheduled to resume after September 1st, 2023 and all fresh Osha Roots will be out the door and into your hands by Mid to Late October, 2023.

I need to wait to begin harvesting these last roots until the seeds mature and fall off the dry stalks. It is for sustainable reasons. This usually happens in my area around end of August.

* This is the last time I will be offering fresh Osha Roots to the public. I am retiring all my stands after this harvest is completed !

Thank You and Best Wishes 


Michael Cottingham