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Old Apothecary Bottle - Vintage Fluid Extract Calumba Jateorhiza Palmata 118 cc Bottle Lilly- Please No Discount Codes On This Listing

$ 69.00

Circa 1890 t0 1910 -  

This item is a vintage bottle of Fluid Extract of Calumba Eli Lilly and Company Indianapolis, Indiana.

The herbal in this product was Jateorhiza Palmata. It originally contained 72% alcohol. Bottle size was 118cc. I also see the label states it contained a small amount of glycerin so it differed from the N.F. version. 1cc = 1 gram of ingredient.  Per the label, it was used as a "simple bitter tonic, containing little or no tannic acid, hence it may be prescribed with iron salts, Used to increase the appetite and improve digestion."

The bottle measures about 4 3/4 X 1 7/8 inches.  It is dark amber in color and has a cork top. The bottle is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.  The alcohol has evaporated over time leaving a some material in the bottle. I did not remove this material as I was concerned that I might damage the paper labels in an effort to dissolve & remove the material.  Any remaining contents must not be taken or used.  The contents are very old and may have deteriorated losing effectiveness or may cause harm.

The labels are in fair to good condition with soiling, fading, toning related to long term storage. There are spill related stains on the front labels at the upper right and lower left. The back label has an edge tiny piece missing at the upper right and related scuff mark going vertically down the label. The back label has some light stains.  

* All of my medical and pharmaceutical listings are strictly sold as collectibles to enhance the collections of historical medical memorabilia and are not intended for consumption or any other purpose other than display. 

There was a time when Herbal Medicine was the predominant form of medicine which graced the apothecary and pharmacy shelves of the world. Old Apothecary Bottles and collectible Pharmacy ephemera are highly sought after and are getting more difficult to find all the time. All of these Pharmacy Items are from my personal collection. Keep in mind that Old/Herbal Pharmacy bottles with good labels are the most difficult of all to acquire ...