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( Recording and PDF NOW Available) ON LINE CLASS - My 30 Year Journey with YERBA MANSA - Ethnobotany, Medicinal Uses, & Cultivation of One of The Most Important of ALL Medicine Plants! RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE!

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* This class is almost 4 hours long, packed with information and comes with a 41 page PDF ... I think this is one of my best classes on Yerba Mansa ever!

January 26th, 20223 -  Thursday at 6 pm MST  ( Live Class finished)

It will run for 3 to 3 1/2 hours, it will be live, but it will be recorded for download and future access. You do not need to be in the live class to receive the recording and Plant Medicines provided.


My journey with Yerba Mansa - Anemopsis californica is immense. I have been working with and using this plant medicne for over 30 years. Using it with thousands upon thousands of people for literally over a hundred different conditions. In the last several years it was the most important of all plant medicines when dealing with mysterious virus situations. I have used it successfully in various types of cancers, and with great success in Lyme Disease (might be one of the best remedies for Lyme). It is a premier upper GI ulcer remedy. It is antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, and works against black mold and respiratory viruses. 

It is perhaps THE most important of all plant medicines that I have worked with in regards to Animal care. It is my go to for Veterinarian Herbal Medicine. 

The plant can be easily cultivated, and all parts of the plant can be used... you can make -  extracts, teas, oils, salves, neti pot, foot and bath soaks, hair rinse, steams, and so much more ...

Hundreds of Medical uses ...

I have personally worked with way over a 1000 different medicine plants in the last 30 years ... and I am stating this as a fact ... Yerba Mansa is the one I have used the most and it is one that I consider to be the crowning jewel of my apothecary ...

Come join me for an immense download of Yerba Mansa knowledge ..  you will not regret it and one day this plant may just save your life ... it has already for many, many people!