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ON LINE CLASS - My Journey with Datura as a LIFE SAVING Medicine Plant - History, Medical Uses, and Safe Usage by Those Who Have The Knowledge. It can Save Ones's Life! No Codes On This Listing.

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Datura is a very special Plant Medicine  that few have ever used ... at least in the last 50 years or so. However, once upon a time you could actually purchase an over the counter herbal formula, at any drug store that often contained Datura and often mixed with other herbs as well.

I am one of the few American Herbalists that has used this special poisonous plant to actually save people's lives. When used properly it can be one of the MOST important plant medicines in your herbal first aid kit. 

While I actually consider Datura safe enough to use with proper instruction and understanding, one should consider this a very, very serious plant to work with and a very serious class to be taking. HOWEVER, this is a serious preper plant medicine and one that could actually save your life or save the life of someone in your life. I have used it this way ... and without any doubt what's so ever .. I have used it to save lives.

This class is all about Datura. Each participant after taking the class will have the opportunity to purchase a small amount of aged Datura Leaf, and a Datura/Herbal Blend. You will have to sign a responsibility letter (which I will send a copy to you) and you will send it back to me signed. Then you can purchase and I will send the Datura Plant Medicine items.


This will be a 2 to 3 hour class (more like 3 1/2 hours, as I am well known for going over the allotted time).

OCTOBER 12th, 2022  at 6 pm MST  (Mountain Standard Time) 

This class is limited in the number of participants and this class WILL NOT BE OFFERED for recording purchases.  It will not be available for purchase after LIVE Class finishes. Participants will be able to download and access the class in case you missed it. You will have 30 days after class finishes to access and download class.

ALL of my field students learn about Datura when we are in the field together. It takes about 3 hours of me teaching about Datura in order for me to feel comfortable with their understanding of this plant medicine. It is no different here. This is a serious plant for life threatening serious conditions. Once you have this knowledge you will be in a new arena of plant medicine knowledge. 

This is a very special offering, as most herbalists will not even talk about Datura, even if they think they know something about it ... I assure you that I have used this serious plant medicine many, many times, safely, effectively, and I have real life experience with this beautiful and amazing plant medicine.