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Oregon Grape/Algerita - Mahonia trifoliolata - Beautiful "Berberine Rich Branches) 1 Pound

$ 30.00

Mahonia trifoliolata is a species of flowering plant in the family Berberidaceae, in southwestern North America. Common names include agarita, agrito, algerita, currant-of-Texas, wild currant, and chaparral berry. The name Agarita comes from the Spanish verb agarrar, which means "to grab".

This particular Mahonia spp. is a perfect substitute for Mahonia repens or the classic Oregon Grape Root. In my opinion it is even better because with this species we only use the branches and not the root, making this Mahonia trifoliolata a very sustainable choice. In my experience there is no medicinal difference between Mahonia trifoliolata and Mahonia repens. 

* You get 1 pound of sustainably harvested branches which are super rich in the medicinal alkaloid Berberine.