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OSHA ROOT Essential Oil - Get in on the next batch, coming soon! READY NOW!!!!

$ 155.00

Here is (1 dram), of OSHA ROOT Essential Oil. This oil is made through the Steam Distillation method. I make very little of this every year, maybe just a dozen or so drams. It comes from the fabled medicine plant Osha - Ligusticum porteri. I use fresh Osha Roots, from stands that I have a continuous relationship with, for well over 20 years. The stands are stewarded and much of the Osha I now harvest is from seeds that grew into beautiful large plants over 20 years of taking care of them.

There is much written about this amazing respiratory herbal medicine. Extremely anti-viral and a very invigorating medicine plant. Osha, also has an immense history of protection, especially from negative forces.


This is for 1 dram of PURE - Osha Root Essential Oil.