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Flower/Plant Essences - Earth Vibrations of (Lophophora williamsii) - For Fears * Disconnect * Anxiety * Courage * Heart - 2 Ounce Size of MOTHER ESSENCE

$ 35.00

* NOTE -  Flower/Plant Essences contain NO Chemistry of the plant, and contain only the healing vibration of the plant, in Spring Water, and preserved with a little Organic Alcohol and Organic Glycerin.  This is a LEGAL and SAFE way to experience Plant Medicines! All Medicines carry a vibration, a healing vibration to create positive movement in your body.

Plant Essence of (Lophophora williamsii) - For   Fears * Disconnect * Anxiety * Courage * Heart  - 2 Ounce Size of MOTHER ESSENCE - of Peyote Vibrational Medicine.

A Mother Essence is the original essence that one can make. It is the first one. Often in commerce, when purchasing Flower Essences you are receiving the Daughter Essence, or the second, third, fourth generation.

The Mother Essence is the one you start with, the one that is placed next to the plants while in the field, with intent, prayer, and purposeful design. When you get home and you want to dispense the Flower Essence to others you usually do the following:

1. Prepare a 1 ounce bottle of Spring Water (70%), Organic Alcohol (15%) and Organic Glycerin (20%), some people have been known to use Brandy for their Alcohol.

2. Once this stock bottle is prepared, take 10 drops of the MOTHER ESSENCE and add it to, what we call the DAUGHTER ESSENCE.

3. Shake the DAUGHTER ESSENCE, anywhere from 50 to 100 times. This potentates the vibration of the original Mother Essence. 

4. Now you can use your DAUGHTER ESSENCE with essentially the same dosage range of the Mother Essence.

5. There are many various techniques in doing the above basic directions, and as you read more on how others make their Plant Vibrational Medicines, you will discover you own original intuitive approach.

A 2 Ounce size of Mother Essence, should last you many, many years, maybe a lifetime, and will make you many, many, Daughter Essences!!

Here are some insights on how to use this Essence -

Do you feel like you are having a nervous breakdown?

Are you filled with uncertainty or fear?

Do you feel your heart closing and losing compassion?

Do you feel disconnected from everyone and everything?

Do you fear the unknown?

Do you feel you need more courage to face life's challenges and uncertain moments?

Are you overwhelmed by World circumstances and feel paralyzed and helpless?

This emotional body Plant Medicine has many uses and applications for people.

FEAR - I have used this with clients facing tremendous fear, especially of pending unknown circumstances. It has been used to help people navigate their fears, like in serious transitional moments, like in death. Can help one with fear from loss, or tragic change due to circumstances beyond ones control.  

 HEART - Helps one with expanding their intelligent heart. Being more compassionate but being aware of your personal boundaries. Having more self-love and self worth. Forgiveness. Broken heart mending.

DISCONNECT - Do you feel disconnected from the Earth that you stand on? Do you feel disconnected from people, and the world around you. Helps one feel more connected, in real, genuine ways. In old, deep ancient Mother Earth ways ... Helps one to find a sense of self and a feeling that you belong in your body. That it is ok because the Mother is taking care of you.