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PLANT MEDICINE STORIES — Anti-inflammatory

YERBA MANSA - An Important Medicine Plant! (Part One)

Anti-inflammatory Herbal Medicine Lyme's Disease Yerba Mansa

    YERBA MANSA ( Some Updated Notes, more will be added - Part One) Anemopsis californicaSaururaceae (Lizard Tail Family) Anemopsis californica is also known as, Yerba Mansa, Yerba del Manso, Manso, Bavisa, Lizard Tail, Swamp Root, Raiz del Manso, and Apache beads. Yerba Mansa, is a perennial, low growing plant, always found in stands. It has many basal leaves, from three to eight inches long, rounded or lobbed, and somewhat fleshy or succulent. The flowers form a conical white spike with distinct white bracts around the base. In the fall, the whole plant turns brick-red in color, and large...

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