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SPIKENARD ROOT - Give Your Lungs A Second Chance

Chronic Asthma Emphysema Lungs

  Spikenard - ARALIA RACEMOSA ( Some Brief Notes) (My Lyme Clients and Friends, please take note of this plant) One of my favorite lung herbs for restoring lung function!  Spikenard is known by many, as a fine plant remedy for healing and soothing the lungs after a long bout of lung infection or lung abuse.  People with a history of emphysema, chronic asthma, long term cigarette smokers, fire fighters (especially forest fire fighters), people who have been exposed to chemical vapors, people who have impaired lung function, which has left them with worn out and tired lungs. All can...

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YERBA SANTA - Better Breathing With An Aromatically Divine Plant Medicine!

Allergy Asthma Bronchitis Chest Congestion Hayfever Lungs

  YERBA SANTA ( Brief Notes)Eriodictyon angustifolium Other names: Mountain Balm and Holy Herb A fine herbal medicine for Asthma, Chest Colds, Urinary Tract Infections, and for warding off negativity …. A very aromatic, evergreen shrub growing to no more than 5 feet tall. Pale lilac colored, often whitish little bells hang gracefully in clusters which are curled up at the ends, uncurling as the flowers mature.  Its leathery and sometimes gummy leaves are simple and narrow in length with toothed margins that are slightly turned back. They are dark green and sticky above, and densely white woolly beneath, between...

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