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The Awakening - Life Changing Canadian Fleabane (Conyza canesdensis)

The Awakening - 

In my experience, about 50% of the people who are taking a prescription medicine for some type of chronic condition, actually live within 1 mile of a Plant Medicine that could most likely help them with more effectiveness and with less side effects. This is my clinical observation and awareness.

However, you need some knowledge to do this ...

One day at my ole herb shop in Silver City, New Mexico - Bear Creek Herbs, I was getting ready to close for a quick lunch when a man walked in to ask about herbs for his condition. I had seen him around town for several years, so we were slightly familiar with one another. I said, I am having a "blood sugar crashing thing" and I need to go eat something, why don't you join me for lunch and I can do a consultation while I eat.

It turns out he had one of the worse cases of "Ulcerative Colitis" that I had ever heard of. He had seen countless doctors, spent over $10,000 dollars in various treatments and basically was worse now than ever before.

We talked for awhile, and I got a fairly good health profile from him and told him, I know of an amazing plant medicine that almost always works for Ulcerative of Colitis. Let us go back to the shop and I will fix you right up with this tea.

On the way back to the herb shop we stopped on the side walk. I pointed down to a plant growing out of a crack in the sidewalk. It was Conyza canadensis, Canadian Fleabane. I said. "Meet Your Remedy for Ulcerative Colitis! This is Canadian Fleabane. I have used this Plant Medicine with maybe 40 cases of Ulcerative Colitis, and this plant and sometimes a few others added in, work perfectly."
Story short - We went back to the shop and I made him a blend of dry Canadian Fleabane, some Yerba Mansa leaf, and Marshmallow root, in tea, and asked him to drink a quart a day.

One month later no pain, no bleeding, no Ulcerative Colitis. He went on to study with me for a few years, then on to Acupuncture School, and then became an MD. He uses herbs in his practice.

He never planned a path into medicine as a career, but that day on the sidewalk changed everything.

During the time he suffered from Ulcerative Colitis he had been walking past his remedy everyday ... everyday while he suffered he walked past his Plant Medicine.

For me this was a beautiful story of awakening to connection!

Further Notes On Canadian Fleabane!

Although, one can use an extract of this - whole fresh plant extract, it is actually BEST done as a medicinal tea, especially since this is the best way to treat most of the conditions it is good for! It is helpful in Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and many other lower GI conditions. Also a good plant remedy for restoring better function to any mucous membrane tissue, which makes it very useful in Hayfever & Allergy, and upper respiratory conditions.

Considering the amount of mucous membrane health problems that exist today - and there are many, Canadian Fleabane should be considered a possible candidate in your approach! 

The average dosage is a 1/4 ounce per quart of water, done as a tea, one quart a day for 2 weeks, then evaluate if you need to go further.

The plant is best collected as a whole plant, roots and all, collecting before it goes into major flowering. Once it flowers, the fluffy seeds get onto everything and if they make it into your tea ... you will wish you had been more careful! The fluffy seeds if not strained out, could get into your throat and get stuck there and well ...

Dry the plants whole and break down for tea as needed. You want to leave the plants whole to retain as much of the medicinal oils that you can. Use the dry plant material for tea!

If you are going to use the Fresh Whole Plant Extract, the dosage range might be 10 to 30 drops, up to 4 times a day. Since the actual dry herb/plant material of Canadian Fleabane is usually very hard to find for sale in commerce, the extract makes a very effective alternative.

A typical way to use this would still be in an tea, but you would add the extract to the tea. Here is a general formula for making the upper and lower gastrointestinal health, much better ...

Take 10 to 30 drops of the Canadian Fleabane extract and add to a cup of Marshmallow Root, Calendula Flower, and Yerba Mansa Leaf Tea.

Canadian Fleabane - 10 to 30 drops of extract

Add to - (Mix all dry herbs together, before pouring boiling water over them)

Marshmallow Root  1 part

Calendula Flower 1/2 part

Yerba Mansa Leaf 1/2 part

(Parts - can be anything, a pinch, a teaspoon, etc.)

Make tea to taste!


You can find this extract in my shop - under Single Plant Extracts!

Canadian Fleabane before flowering -

Canadian Fleabane during flowering, and NOT the best time to gather. Fluffy - mature seeds will get on everything!

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