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YERBA MANSA - (Part Two) An Important Medicine Plant! Different Formulas/Recipes of Use for the Extract, Dry Root & Leaf, Essential Oil and Floral Water

 Different Formulas/Recipes of Use for the Extract, Dry Root & Leaf,  Essential Oil and Floral Water

First, I will assume or recommend that you have read Part One! It is probably important to have at least read or are already familiar with Yerba Mansa - Anemopsis californica!

Also keep in mind, while I could write extensively about each of these formulas, adding all kinds of other herbs into these formulas, or expanding upon secondary protocols, etc., my main goal is to give you some practical uses of Yerba Mansa and to show you its incredible diversity when working with the human body.





(You can use Fresh Root Extract, which I personally prefer because it contains more medicinal aromatics. This is a 1:2 Fresh Root Extract, using at least 70% Alcohol as your menstrum or solvent. You can also, make a Dry Root Extract, using a 1:5 ratio, and at least 60% Alcohol as your solvent. There have been times when I have made a Whole Fresh Plant Extract, using Fresh Roots, Leaf, and Flower. This is a lovely extract,, and maybe, someday, it will become my favorite!

Yerba Mansa is so good at treating bacterial and viral infections, but excels at bacterial infections in ANY of the mucous membranes, especially when there is a lot of inflammation present!

Use for:

#1  Rhinitis, sinusitis, or upper respiratory, inflamed and infected (bacteria) situations - 

Adult Dosage: 25 to 50 drops, up to 5 times a day. Add drops to big glasses of water for more effectiveness. Remember water is a vehicle and substance that creates movement. Water is an important remedy when treating inflamed and infected mucous membranes. 


#2 Joint Inflammation - Any kind, but if there is a suspected bacteria origin, even better! In Lyme Disease, the bacteria often lives in the joints of its host, causing super inflammation and pain. Yerba Mansa is well known in the Mexican Herbal Tradition for treating gout, arthritis, and just about any type of joint inflammation. 

Adult Dosage: 30 drops, up to 5 times a day. Again, always add to a big glass of water.


#3 Gum Inflammation, receding gums, periodontal disease, especially if from a bacterial presence. 

Adult Dosage: As a Mouth Rinse - add  30 drops of Yerba Mansa extract to a cup of saline (salt) water, and rinse and spit. Do this 2 times a day.  You can also take internally, an additional dose of 20 drops, up to 3 times a day, especially if your gum or mouth trouble is from a suspected bacterial infection (which most are!).


#4  Subacute head cold, with thick mucus. 

Adult Dosage: 30 drops of Fresh Root Extract in a warm glass of water, up to 5 times a day. Sometimes, a warm cup of Fresh Ginger Root Tea, with drops added is spectacular in its relief!


#5  Chronic Bronchitis with profuse secretions.

Adult Dosage: 30 to 50 drops, up to 4 times a day. 


#6 Acute cystitis, urethritis with mucus in urine, also with inflamed urethral opening. General UTI, especially if from a bacterial presence.

Adult Dosage: 20 drops in a large glass of water, or better yet in a large cup of either Marshmallow Root or Slippery Elm Tea, up to 4 cups a day, for about a week. If pain and discomfort persists - most certainly see a physician. 


#7  Cuts, Scrapes, Open Wounds, Spider Bites, Bee Stings, etc. Perfect for 1st Aid Situations.

Dosage: As needed, directly on wounds and bites. The Fresh Root Extract of Yerba Mansa is immediately anti-inflammatory, slightly numbing or pain reducing. Also, extremely anti-bacterial. One of my favorite Herbal First Aid Kit items ... gets used a lot!





YERBA MANSA IN TEA FORM -  Dry Leaf or Root Uses -


One of my Yerba Mans medicines in my shop. Many Uses for the dry leaf!

Yerba Mansa dry leaf (in bowl) and fresh leaf in background!

Yerba Mansa chopped and dried root.







YERBA MANSA Essential Oil Uses -


The making of Yerba Mansa Essential Oil - Steam Distillation

Finished Yerba Mansa Oil




Yerba Mansa Hydrosol or Floral Water Uses - 








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