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RED ROOT - Ceanothus spp. The #2 most important plant in my clinical practice!


RED ROOT (A Corner Stone Plant In Any Lyme Protocol)

(The #2 most important plant medicine in my clinical herbal practice)

*If you are using dry root extract, you are missing out on the true effectiveness of this amazing lymphatic plant medicine -

Ceanothus americanus, Ceanothus cuneatus, Ceanothus fendleri, Ceanothus greggii

As a medicine I have used all the above species, and I prefer Ceanothus greggii.

Many Lyme infected people at some point, come across and may use Red Root for helping their lymphatic system work better.

Before I get into the herbal medicine Red Root and the reasons why we use this as a powerful lymphatic plant medicine. I want to say, that a lot of the Red Root medicine in commerce today is too weak to be used as a medicine.

Clinical herbalists who count on this plant for lymphatic work, know that the best way to use this plant is as a FRESH ROOT extract. In commerce, the majority of extracts are done as a 1:5 ratio, using dry root material, or people are using the ground powder of Red Root in capsules.

One of the main constituents of Red Root that is responsible for the prime lymphatic movement is Ceanothenic Acid.

When the root becomes dried, over 50% of this important medicine is lost. When the dry root is ground into powder a further 20% is lost. Unless herbal medicines are cold ground into a powder, the blades of the grinding machine, get hot. This heat destroys many valuable chemical constituents in a lot of plant medicines.

Ceanothenic Acid, is fragile. That is why experienced herbalists only make a fresh Red Root Extract. This is the best method.

Why don’t you find fresh Red Root extract in commerce that easily? Because very few people wildcraft or wild collect this plant as a fresh root for the herb trade. Very difficult to harvest. Very tough to dig. Big herb companies often do not compensate wild harvesters fairly, so very few collectors will go the extra distance to provide fresh red root for these companies.

So if you purchase Red Root Extract for your Lyme protocol, you should make sure the bottle states - Fresh Red Root Extract - 1:2 ratio. This means fresh root was used.

As I talk about Red Root from here on out, I am only talking about FRESH RED ROOT Extract. I do not use dry Red Root Extract or Powder, nor would I recommend it. If that is all you can find, it will be better than no Red Root. However, when dealing with Lyme Disease and the Co Infections, you want to start with the most vibrant plant medicines you can find.

Michael Moore, my principal herbal teacher writes “ Red Root is a lymphatic remedy, stimulating lymph and interstitial fluid circulation. Useful in enlarged lymph nodes and to shrink non fibrous cysts. As a tonic, you need to understand that Red Root, particularly the tincture, helps diminish the tendency for red blood cells to clump together in blood that is either high in fat chylomicrons or with elevated inflammatory compounds.”

When the blood and lymph becomes sticky and thick, from say a long term infection, blood cells and inner vessel linings develop a weak electrical charge. Thus, becoming boggy, stuck and inflamed. Red Root, and especially the ceanothenic acid will, in a sense recharge the cells with a stronger electrical charge. This is crucially important.

Weak and tired blood cells loose their electrical charge when under stress, especially when fighting a long term infection. This causes waste to accumulate in the blood and lymph. By using Red Root, you recharge the cell walls and allow waste to be removed once again. There are very few plants that do this like Red Root does.

Red Root is an effective anti-inflammatory for both the liver and spleen. Red Root can boost T cell count significantly. This plant medicine was one of my cornerstone plants in all my early AIDS formulas. I saw an amazing increase in T cell count in all my AIDS patients.

So, not only does it recharge the cell wall’s electrical system, it stimulates the immune system in profound ways.
Most Lyme infected people are NOT using the Fresh Red Root extract, they still get some results from the dry root extract, but if they switch to fresh Red Root extract, they will see a 10 fold increase, in better results. Better Lymph drainage, and more bacteria waste removed in less time.
I have used Red Root (Fresh Root Extract) for a long, long time. Probably made 250+ gallons of fresh Red Root Extract. I consider it one of the most important of foundational plant medicines when working with the immune system.

You can have all the super bug killing herbs that you want in your formula, but if your lymph is lacking a charge, and is boggy and stuck. You immune system is not going anywhere with those stubborn long term infections and your cellular waste is not going anywhere either.

I use different Lymphatic herbs together sometimes.

One of my favorite more complete Lymphatic formulas is -

RED ROOT - Ceanothus greggii Fresh Root - 60%
OCOTILLO BARK - Fouquieria splendens Fresh Bark - 40%

This formula combination, gives a more complete lymphatic flow in the body.

Red Root is mostly a safe plant medicine,with few to no side effects. It is an effective blood coagulant, so people who are on anticoagulants and in pregnancy should not take this plant medicine, nor the combo mentioned above. I have used Red Root with thousands of clients over the years, and frankly I can not recall one single problem or safety issue with using it.
In my experience, there is no finer Lymphatic herb out there. One that is safe, can be used with just about everyone out there, from children to elderly.

Red Root is also a great plant medicine to take when using ANY antibiotic therapy. This is significant and Red Root and antibiotics work well together. Antibiotics create a lot of waste, and when you take Red Root, it is like calling in 100 garbage trucks, and a thousand garbage men, to clean up the waste!

Just remember - The redder the color, the better the medicine, and FRESH RED ROOT EXTRACT is the best!

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