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SPIKENARD ROOT - Give Your Lungs A Second Chance

Chronic Asthma Emphysema Lungs


Spikenard - ARALIA RACEMOSA ( Some Brief Notes)

(My Lyme Clients and Friends, please take note of this plant)

One of my favorite lung herbs for restoring lung function! 

Spikenard is known by many, as a fine plant remedy for healing and soothing the lungs after a long bout of lung infection or lung abuse. 

People with a history of emphysema, chronic asthma, long term cigarette smokers, fire fighters (especially forest fire fighters), people who have been exposed to chemical vapors, people who have impaired lung function, which has left them with worn out and tired lungs. All can benefit greatly by this lung adaptogen.

Not only is it restorative to lung tissue, but almost all mucous membranes in the body are helped and strengthened by its use. A relative of Ginseng, Spikenard is considered an adaptogenic plant medicine. Webster’s definition of an adaptogen is this - a nontoxic substance and especially a plant extract that is held to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning.

Spikenard does exactly that in the lungs. It lessens on going stress and restore’s lung function considerably.

It is used as an Alterative, Anti-inflammatory of delicate tissues, good in coughs, chest colds, and is antibacterial. 

Spikenard Honey, is a world class soothing lung medicine, especially when there is inflammation present. 

I love to combine OSHA ROOT HONEY and SPIKENARD ROOT HONEY, for one awesome herbal honey, that essentially makes the lungs laugh with joy!

In more serious infections, like Lyme Disease, Spikenard can help keep your tissue from becoming so stressed and inflamed. It can, most certainly restore tissue health to a pre infectious state and is useful for helping the body’s tissues recover from an illness, like a bacterial infection which has gone on for many years.

I almost always use Spikenard Fresh Root Extract, first and foremost. I love to combine it with my other respiratory herbs for fighting lung infections and from recovering from lung infections.

People with a long history of Asthma, will find that this plant medicine, over a long period of time can bring up lung health considerably. 
When getting Asthmatic clients off their inhalers Spikenard is essential on their journey and will improve an Asthmatic condition considerably. 

Spikenard has played a role in many other types of problems like; Upper and Lower GI problems, irritable bowl syndrome, Diverticulitis, Epstein Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic dehydration of delicate tissues. Used in allergy formulas, or essentially anytime you want to improve upper and lower respiratory function.

This is a small glimpse, of one amazing plant medicine, that can be used for acute problems, as well as an adaptogenic or strengthening plant medicine.

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